Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable development is fundamental to our business.

It is the Company's intent to make a positive difference to society. We will work towards doing projects with greater impact and focusing initiatives on communities in which the Company lives and operates.



Implement Social investments / CSR programs primarily in the economic vicinity of our Company’s operations with a view to ensuring the long term sustainability of such interventions.

It is the Company’s intent to conduct CSR programs as given in the schedule VII of the Company’s Act 2013.

Activities undertaken by AAK India as CSR for the Financial year 2017-18:
This project aims to raise the quality of street food to the level of food courts and established hotels and restaurants
This project would focus on the following aspects:
  • 01. Personal hygiene
  • 02. Street Food Hub
  • 03. Cleaning and Sanitation facilities
  • 04. Water supply and quality
  • 05. Pest control
  • 06. Leftover and Waste Disposal
  • 07. Equipment
School Construction by Ramakrishna Mission at Narayanpur, Chhattisgarh.
  • 01. Ramakrishna Mission operates in the Narayanpur a deep forest area in Chhattisgarh (SAL Growing Area).
  • 02. The Organization works towards enhancement of livelihood and providing education to the tribal children in that area.
  • 03. Only Ramakrishna Mission operates in the area.
  • 04. The school building construction masonry work is completed.
  • 05. The construction of school building is estimated to be completed by the end of December 2018.
Hi 5 Youth Foundation
Through the programs, they aim to change lives of underprivileged children for the better. There are three important aspects of Hi5 Youth Foundation’s philosophy which are as follows.
  • 01. Helping children learning important life-skills through games.
  • 02. Developing the earnestness to excel at games.
  • 03. Respecting each other’s game, irrespective of their gender.
Olympic Gold Quest
  • To support Indian athletes in winning Olympic gold medals.
Areas where athletes are supported by Olympic Gold Quest.
  • 01. Archery
  • 02. Athletics
  • 03. Badminton
  • 04. Boxing
  • 05. Shooting
  • 06. Weightlifting
  • 07. Wrestling
Deeds Foundation
  • 01. Their dedicated attempt is to empower the deaf and provide a platform for their education and overall development and work towards their empowerment.
  • 02. DEEDS Foundation works for the upliftment of the deaf and empowers them in society.
  • 03. AAK India has provided funds to DEEDS Work Readiness Programme.
  • 04. This Programme aims to enhance the lives of 60 youths, who are deaf by creating job opportunities for them and making them self-reliant.
Reintegration program for families of children affected by Cancer
  • This program intends to empower mothers and children, who are afflicted with cancer, through education and skill development.
  • Sessions are held with parents/ relatives of the children, on financial and stress management.
  • Parents/relatives of children affected by cancer are from a under privileged and marginalized backgrounds.
  • AAK India has sponsored the entire project.
Early Intervention & Pre- Vocational Training by MBA Foundation
  • 01. This program intends to teach disabled children some necessary skills like understanding time, banking, shopping and other day-to-day activities.
  • 02. This program aims at providing medical facilities to children diagnosed with disorders.
  • 03. AAK India has been supporting this organization from many years.
  • 04. AAK India is funding the project.
Ramakrishna Vivekananda Seva Kutir
  • 01. Organization aims at transforming lives of those suffering, through earnest humanitarian work, and in particular change the lives of destitute and vulnerable children and youth in a loving and caring environment, creating opportunities for children to realize their full potential, through the benefits of long-term education, livelihood training, and hand-holding.
  • 02. It provides Education and Morning (Breakfast) and Evening (Dinner) to under privileged Children.
  • 03 .Their mission is to reach as many children and youth as possible throughout India and help transform their lives.
  • 04 .Community ‘buy-in’ in the program of the organisation aims at the following:
    • Mobilizing children in villages for the Seva Kutir
    • Volunteering for the Seva Kutir
    • Regular sharing of data on the children of their villages on health and education
    • Mobilizing action to achieve success in convergence with government programs.
Lauh Yatra: Connecting People Connecting Ideas
  • 01. Lauh Yatra is Pan-India Cyclothon, to outreach for Eat Right India movement across Country led by FSSAI.
  • 02. This program aims to create awareness about Nutrition & Health  amongst all stake holders  through Eat right Movement across our country and ensure emergence  of Healthy India through providing Safe & Nutritious foods to our countrymen and also inculcating good eating habits , avoiding wastage of foods to fight hunger and ensure food security to all.
  • 03 .The 'Lauh Yatris' will pass through villages, towns and cities across the country to engage, excite and enable citizens to eat right and improve their health and  wellbeing.
  • 04 .'Swastha Melas', conventions would spark dialogue and create local champions for 'Eat Right India'.
  • 05 .Eat Right Swastha Melas would cover over 300 locations during the Lauh Yatra in 6 tracks across India.