Gajar Halwa Puff


Ingredients Gms
Carrot, grated 1000
Water 80
Grain sugar 500
Sweet joy/ Desi Ghee 200
Cashew, chopped 100
Raisins 100
SMP 250
Cardamom essence, givaudan 0.80




  • Microwave/ cook the carrot with water till soft and tender
  • Heat fat. Add in the cashew and fry till light brown
  • Add in the raisins and when it swells immediately add in the sugar and skim milk powder followed by the carrots
  • Cook till sugar dissolves and to the desired consistency. Add in the cardamom essence
  • Cool and use as filling for the puff
  • Note: If using cardamom powder, grind the cardamom with a little sugar and add it while adding in the sugar.
  • For the puff: Prepare a standard puff dough using 500gms Jade puff shortening for 1kg flour.
  • Make-up: The filling can be enclosed in 4" squares as triangles, rectangles or as vol-au-vent cases and baked.


Time & Temperature:

Use the carrot halwa as a filling for the puff and bake at 1850C for 20-25 mins.


Disclaimer :
The standard commercial recipes are developed to serve as a guide to help professional bakeries to introduce new items on their menus. The recipes can- to an extent- be customized as per the needs of the customer. End results depend on the ingredient quality, processing and baking parameters.

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