Flax Oatmeal Cookie

Flax Oatmeal Cookie

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Ingredients Gms
Flax seeds, whole 100
Flax seeds, ground 150
Oats 500
Whole wheat flour, atta 400
Refined flour, maida 600
K-Lite 900
Foodlite 100
Baking soda 25
Skim milk powder 50
Cold milk 350
Powder sugar 750
Glucose Powder 100
Ginger powder 75
Butter essence 7.5
  • Mix ground flax seeds, oats (reserve a little for garnish), whole wheat and refined flours, baking soda together
  • Cream K-Lite, Foodlite, ginger powder, milk powder, glucose powder and powder sugar together
  • Gradually add in the milk and the essence and continue creaming
  • Add in the flours and mix well
  • Pipe on the baking trays using a plain meringue nozzle
  • Sprinkle with flax seeds and a little reserved oats
  • Bake as specified
Time: 15-20 mins
Temperature: 1550c
Time & Temperature:
  • Time: 15-20 mins
  • Temperature: 1550c

Disclaimer :
The standard commercial recipes are developed to serve as a guide to help professional bakeries to introduce new items on their menus. The recipes can- to an extent- be customized as per the needs of the customer. End results depend on the ingredient quality, processing and baking parameters.

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