Microwave Carrot Raisin Cake

Microwave Carrot Raisin Cake


Ingredients Gms
Flour 50
Baking powder 2.25
Powder sugar 60
Skim milk powder 5
Carrot, clean, grated 25
Raisins, soaked in rum-sugar syrup 15
Foodlite 30
K-Cuisine 10
Egg 60
Water 20
Vanilla essence 1.25
Total 278.5


  • Mix dry ingredients together with Foodlite and K-Cuisine
  • Add in the grated carrot and raisins
  • Blend together the wet ingredients
  • Add the dry ingredients into the liquid and mix to blend
  • Do not overmix
  • Suggested topping: chocolate truffle, cream cheese frosting , glace icing, melted orange marmalade, maple syrup

Time & Temperature:

  • Scale into microwavable cups and microwave on high for 3 mins

Disclaimer :
The standard commercial recipes are developed to serve as a guide to help professional bakeries to introduce new items on their menus. The recipes can- to an extent- be customized as per the needs of the customer. End results depend on the ingredient quality, processing and baking parameters.

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