Foodwill Club

What is it?

Foodwill club is an exclusive community, which encourages healthy eating habits without compromising on taste. This property is created & owned by AAK Kamani to partner & support members of this community.

What are the benefits?

Every month, we come up with new recipes and trends to help you develop palatable and healthy options. Your staff will be provided the necessary training in food safety and hygiene practices for your outlet. To further develop your business, free consultancy by international chefs and nutritionists are provided. Another advantage is that your Company’s name may get included in AAK Kamani's next recipe book.

Who can enroll?

To be able to enroll, a minimum of 2-3 of your products should be tasty and healthy. You will need to conduct a Karigar connect program for your workers twice a year and conduct an in-store 'Expert Exchange' promotion. You’ll need to participate in activities promoting health and taste in the Industry. Another activity will be on Facebook and other social media platforms, where you will need to regularly post about your efforts as a Foodwill Club Member.

To enroll for foodwill club

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How can you enroll?

To enroll with us, please fill up the below form.