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AAK follows "Co-Development" as its core philosophy.

No matter what your demands and needs are, AAK can provide solutions that will bring value to your business. We specialize in creating tailor-made products and solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. We are the best choice for customers when it comes to vegetable oils and fats solutions. Through our efforts, we have achieved the position of being the world’s leading producer of specialty and semi-specialty vegetable oils and fats.

With the cooperation of our customers, innovative products are created. It ensures our product range and our customers’ brands meet the highest form of excellence. Our highly skilled professionals have all the essential resources and lab equipment to add value to the product. We follow the latest trends and listen to customers’ feedback. We also deal with industry professionals to make sure our products and ingredients exceed expectations and create lasting business value.

To develop new products, we analyze market and industry trends as well as food and flavor trends. Our team of experts can also offer assistance to help you meet healthy eating requirements and special nutritional needs.

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