Co-Development is innovation

Co-Development has a simple approach and that is to work together and create maximum benefit for you and your business, making sure you reach all your business goals.

The world is changing and through collaborations, innovative solutions are created. We bring our capabilities in vegetable oils and fats into collaboration with you to create lasting value for you as well as your business.

With over 50 years of expertise in oils and fats, we build strong relationships with our customers, across industries. We utilize our application skills and advanced capabilities in oils and fats to understand your needs and deliver the best solutions for all your business needs.

Creating value together in every step

We are aware what your business means to you and how important it is for you to have a partner that can collaborate across the value chain. We are there with you at every step, from idea generation to launch. Our expert capabilities and immense knowledge can help you acquire new opportunities and overcome challenges in the market.

Lasting results today and tomorrow

Our unique Co-Development approach will work for your benefit as together we can explore new opportunities. We use our expertise and capabilities at different stages to develop a better understanding of your business, which will help to optimize your products.

AAK’s Co-development Approach- 5 step process

Every business has its set of challenges. We are here to improve your business and offer solutions, from ideation to launch. Together, with our vast knowledge of vegetable oils and fats, we can create something innovative that will have a lasting value for your business.

The Co-development process in 5 steps -

Across customers value chain


Ideation with customers to identify joint projects to achieve lasting business results.


Developing value-adding solutions in close collaboration with customers.


Proving solutions through quality tests based on scientific approach to meet the necessary requirements.


Supporting customers in implementation and up-scaling of solutions.


Supporting our customers to launch new products.


Develop and enhance ideas with our specialists

The market is always changing, and innovation is needed. To develop new products, you need to know your market well and understand consumer needs. We at AAK India, are experts to understand the market, the consumers’ needs and your business. The best things are created only through Co-Development. Together, we can develop better solutions, from recipe creation to product development and beyond, we are there with you to strengthen your business.


To create innovative solutions, the correct combination is a must. You need to collaborate with the right medium that understands your business needs as well as provide your project requirements. At AAK we meet all your needs.

We have a deep understanding and knowledge of how oils and fats work their way across industries. When our vegetable oil solutions mix with other components, we are aware of the result of the final product.

AAK handles multiple oils in the facility and hence use a variety of raw materials – palm oil, soya oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil and many more. With expertise in processing multiple oils, AAK can provide the best solutions to suit customer needs.

We specialize in oils and fats and offer wide range of solutions and services that will improve your business. Our customized solutions can help you enable the following:

  • New products
  • Improved functionality
  • Higher product quality
  • Ease of operations
  • Lower total cost
  • Healthier end products
  • Solutions beyond oils
  • Mixes of oils and fats with other ingredients
  • Solutions integrated into your value chain
  • Finished products within foodservice


Why testing, proof and protection are needed?

Before the final product is out in the market, we know how important it is to test the solution in your product. At AAK, the highest testing standards are followed. From ideation to launch, everything is taken care of. Legal documents play a very important role to take our business to the next level. We at AAK understand the importance of legal documents in any business and hence help you with the required certifications as in when you need.

Food safety and quality are the highest priorities

We at AAK never compromise on safety and quality of your product. Our quality and food safety approach cover everything, from the raw material to the finished product.


We at AAK are responsible for everything, from test set-up to full-scale production

It is our responsibility to create and deliver customized solutions and provide nothing but the best. We manage everything, from major and minor issues to implementation to testing. Together, we can achieve great market success.


We believe the launch of your product must be right. And that’s why we guarantee, our help is always available at every step, especially when stepping into new markets. With sales offices, customization facilities, and production plants in India, we are there to address your every need.

Entering new markets: Offering a local understanding of the market drivers and consumer needs.

Regulatory: Providing key information and specifications to meet requirements for specific markets.

Claims: Guiding product claims and providing necessary documentation.

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Company: Jubilant Foodworks Limited

Brand: Dominos
Segment: Bakery
Product: Pizza
Background / Pain / Opportunity:

India as a market is moving towards healthy preferences. In this context non HVO is a healthier option as compared to non HVO oil Movement from HVO to non HOV fats. Dominos moved in this direction and showed its preference to replace use of HOV by non HOV fats in this direction

Our Approach:

Dominos decided to go for non- HVO product to be used in all the major brands.

We were supplying KF-381 HVO fat flakes & customer used these fat flakes in the product “Pan pizza”, This product needs refrigeration transport during transit. On understanding the fact that the team at Jubilant Foods was looking for non HVO products, we had a task in mind- to fulfill the partner’s expectation. Our R&D, application, technical & sales team worked together to design the product without compromising the present quality of the product. We thus developed non- HVO fat flakes i.e KF-384.

Apart from satisfying the regular usage, KF-384 provided the additional benefit of better heat stability as compared to KF-381, so the refrigerated vehicle will not be required during winter season. AAK was thus being looked at as a partner that was able to develop client specific products.


AAK could deliver as per the customer’s expectation thereby getting perceived as a partner that understands the requirements and delivers accordingly.

Company: Mondelez

Brand: Silk Oreo
Segment: Confectionery
Product: Combinations, Superolien, HOSO K-55
Background / Pain / Opportunity:

The fat required for manufacturing Silk Oreo was imported. As a result, this created some hurdles like elongated transit time, difficulties in logistics, warehouse maintenance, higher costs.

Our Approach:

Create a product which matches the expectation.

AAK realized that Mondelez was importing the fat needed to manufacture Silk Oreo and wanted to understand the details to be able to create one. This was a huge opportunity and AAK needed to crack this one. Thus, started our process to first understand the product and the ingredients. There were sessions to get this act right. After this, the experts at AAK started inhouse sessions of trials to replicate the fat. After this step, we started having sessions with the Mondelez team where we sent them samples of our pilot runs to get the same consistency and creamy texture which was the product USP. After months of this experiment AAK could achieve a newly formulated fat that was accepted by the team at Mondelez.


Recognized for efforts

We were able to replace the imported fats and were able to become the partners of Mondelez in manufacturing of Silk Oreo. This had direct reflection on only on the sales figures but also on our perception. We are the entity that had international standards and are within the reach of our partners not bound by the hurdles of logistics and time constraints

Company: MNS Foods

Brand: Tasty Treat
Segment: Bakery
Product: K-Lite
Background / Pain / Opportunity:

MNS foods, India’s largest supermarket retail chain- Big Bazaar, had launched a premium flavored cream wafer biscuit in Indian market. However, since inception the brand was facing a challenge to achieve desired outcome in terms of taste & mouth feel.

Our Approach:

Not to sell but to give solution

We tried to understand the current process, qty of fats & other ingredients, recipe formulation & benchmark end application that was kept in mind.

We invited the customer to Foodwill Expo where our expert team had exposed him to range of products we offer under specialty oils and fats solution. Some sample solutions were also exchanged during this event. We also invited him to Customer Innovation Centre, Mumbai for a detailed discussion & to prove our solution. Regular engagement ensured to understand and lay correct benchmark of expected product and outcome.

During his visit to Customer Innovation Centre, sample solutions along with recipe formulation was handed over. Trials were conducted to validate our solutions. Later a trial was conducted at his manufacturing unit which later got commercialized. Expected outcome was achieved thereby making moments for customer on achieving results.


Perceived as an R&D partner and not just oils and fats supplier

25 MT of K-Lite every month billed till date

Company: JMJ Foodlink

Brand: Li’l Baked
Segment: Bakery
Product: K-Lite
Background / Pain / Opportunity:

JMJ Foodlink, had started their venture in 2017 in bakery segment.

This was a risk they had taken by entering into a category they had never stepped into

Hence, a lot of areas were unknown, some pragmatic dos and don’ts they had never been familiar with. There was a possibility of fall out and also incurring losses.

Our Approach:

Handholding by experts

We understood their objective, aspiration, what had they planned and why. Post this, we started handholding them and gave them quick tips at every stage, some tricks of the trade. Our experts suggested the appropriate machinery to meet their needs. Not only this, they even advised on recipe formulations, market trends. In short, from concepts to commercialization, AAK was a constant pillar helping them gain their ground in the category

Solution offered:

Cookies sample reference, develop cookies basis reference parameters shared.

Showed some sample:

Visited CI centre & conducted demo, visited his plant & made corrective steps before hitting commercials


Suggestion packaging

Periodic recipes


Re-positioned the brand perception, we were no more oil suppliers but partners who could be depended on for expert solutions.

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