Top Culinary Trends for 2018

It is said, ‘engaging with food is an art of engaging with the world’. For centuries now, food has created a common bond between people, nations and generations, as it highlights culture and tradition. Over the years, food has evolved in several ways to represent popular flavours and trends. Today’s consumer is extremely health conscious. This has compelled restaurants and food companies to take a note and provide them with experiences that cater to their needs. Ancient health and wellness beliefs are being brought back for inspiration, and chefs and consumers are looking to rediscover traditional cooking methods.

Over the last year, we've seen a wide range of food and drink trends reflecting changing attitudes towards health, community and the environment. 2017 has seen a brunch boom, Buddha bowls and the unmistaken avocado craze. The food industry has so much to offer that we can spend a lifetime trying it all and still have missed out on a lot. From buffets to food and wine pairings, bento boxes and the rise of the cool quotient of street food and its fusion, just about everything is in demand.

2018 though, will see the rise of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Vegetarian menus will go beyond paneer and mushroom dishes. Another interesting trend is the rise of ‘no-waste cooking’ which is done using ingredients which one would usually throw away, like broccoli leaves, cauliflower stems, etc. Besides this, 2018 will also be known for the following:

Portuguese flavours: Portuguese flavours, which are a unique blend of Mediterranean flavours along with spices will see a magnificent rise. The cuisine has been gaining popularity across the country and will see a number of new restaurants offering it on their menus.

Healthy cooking oils: Groundnut oil is a healthy alternative used in cooking. It is rich in unsaturated fats, and has natural antioxidant content. Groundnut oil has a slightly nutty flavour and natural richness, adding depth to many cooked dishes. Keeping in mind the increasing health conscious nature of the customer, groundnut oil will be popular this year.

Home chefs: Home chefs tying up with restaurants to promote local, lesser known cuisines will be popular in 2018. Diners have been increasingly demanding authentic local dishes with hyper local flavours, and partnering with home chefs will take care of this.

Return to the classical style of cooking: Culinary experts have been predicting that people all over the world will want to return to classical styles of cooking and preparing food. The return of cast iron equipment, firewood for ovens, natural fermentation processes and others will be popular. This will also help enhance the taste of dishes.

Millets for the masses: This year the millet will shine, thanks to efforts from farmers and the Government of Karnataka. South Indian dishes made with millets will rule the roost and is set to change the food landscape.

Vegan-ism: Although vegetarian food has been popular in India for centuries, vegan diets are gaining popularity in recent times. Vegan food, gut friendly dishes, super seeds like chia and flax are all becoming popular and will definitely trend this year.

Regional food high: This is the year for regional Indian restaurants to emerge. We will see a lot more food from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and possibly, Kashmir on menus. The use of local ingredients and regional food will only get stronger in the 2018, and will take on different forms. People are now trying lesser known dishes from South and North East India, a good sign for regional cuisine this year.

Exciting and innovative desserts: Globally, the unicorn has been the most popular choice for themed desserts including frappuccinos, cakes, cookies, macaroons and more. Naked cakes with floral decorations will also be big this year. In Mumbai, freakshakes and galaxy cakes continue to be popular. Ingredients like sea salt and salted caramel are predicted to be popular with chefs this year.

The avocado toast craze: The popular dish from 2017 will live on this year as well. The avocado dishes won’t be mainstream though. It is being said that restaurants will work on developing new fusion dishes for avocado lovers.

Trends in the food industry are constantly changing to keep up with customer’s demands. These trends not only help understand people’s preferences in food but also cause a massive change on how the eating habits evolve. As manufacturers of cooking products, these are trends we are constantly keeping an eye on and are adapting our products to suit the requirements of our consumers. We believe that by doing this, we are able to enhance the taste of food cooked using our products and improve dining experiences.