AAK India

AAK India is India’s leading manufacturer of specialty oils and fats. Our strength is our co-development approach wherein we work in close collaboration with our customers for product development- from ideation to launch. This helps to meet our customers’ high standards and creating lasting business relationships. AAK India offers a unique portfolio of semi-specialty, specialty products and solutions within the Bakery, Dairy, Chocolate & Confectionery, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care and Nutraceutical industries.

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About Us


Headquartered in Sweden, AAK is a Global Leader in specialty oils and fats. We have more than 140 years of experience and presence in over 100 countries with production facilities in 20 countries. Believers of collaborative approach and co-development, we have achieved global leadership by offering sustainable and profitable growth through expertise in diverse business areas.

Production Facility

Our world class manufacturing facility situated at Khopoli, 100 kms from Mumbai is capable of:

High degree of PLC controlled process automation in the areas of refining of vegetable oils and fats. We have various fat modification techniques such as hydrogenation, fractionation, blending and interesterification. This helps to produce and supply quality tailor-made solutions to our customers.


We have an experienced team of experts with intensive domain knowledge. They understand the specific needs of the customers and provide relevant solutions that goes beyond the traditional supply. We are GMP certified and have acquired FDA drug license for manufacturing of Pharma grade oils and fats as excipients. Our Research and Development department has been recognized by the DSIR (Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research) in India. Additionally, we are equipped to supply Kosher approved and Halal certified vegetable oils and fats. We have a fully equipped innovation lab designed for customer requirements. This helps to conduct trials, experiment with R&D and run pilots.


We are the 1st company to produce :

  • Specialty fats for confectionary and chocolates (Cocoa Butter Substitute, Cocoa Butter Replacer & Cocoa Butter Equivalent)
  • Dairy fat replacer for ice-cream and frozen dessert
  • Healthy products for the food industry
  • Get our plant RSPO certified.
  • To get FDA (local) approved and GMP-certified to produce Pharma Grade oils & fats

We will be the Preferred Partner in enhancing the Taste, Health & Economics of our Customer's products- Zinal

We will add value to our Customers by constant learning to provide Innovative Technical Solutions, customer Service par Excellence Consistent Quality, continuous improvement on standards of Environment, Industrial and Food Safety- Zinal